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A 20-something nerd with a penchant for music, bikes and politics. This blog is mostly devoted to things I see/do in my training, but wll contain other interests too.
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Goddamn number two. This is INTENSE.






Consonants in Welsh can only make one unique sound, as opposed to English which can make several sounds per consonant. For example, the c can make a k sound as in cat or a s sound as in city. When you learn the sound a consonant makes in Welsh, it will only ever make…

This is awesome.

This tricks you into thinking that consonants in Welsh are easy and then hits you with “rules, pah, rules are the for the weak”.


A brilliant metaphor

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Epic mealtimes!

Cardiff here I come.

Taking the less travelled road. A third of the way there

Took my bike and rode with some people to the top of the rhigos.

Asker crystyls Asks:
Matt?! I had no idea you were on here! Can't figure out how to reply to posts on posts, but yeah, Melanocholia was just, astounding, my heart was pounding by the end. The soundtrack was beyond perfect as well!
derklang derklang Said:

Yeah it’s me! I check in now and again. The whole thing is just so perfectly done. Amazing and awful all at the same time.